Hello! I am Emily.

I’m wickedly organized, super experienced, unbelievably passionate and so committed to making YOUR dreams come true.

You’re a “do-er of all the things”, entrepreneur, hustler, knowledge seeker, high achiever, and creative visionary. So much to do. So little time. You’re always coming up with new ideas, new collaborations, you’re working in your business hours upon hours each week.

You’re exhausted. Frazzled. Overwhelmed. You can’t focus. You’re pulled in so many directions. You feel smothered and totally lost.

But you are full of ideas. The business is not the business without YOU.

I’ll remove overwhelm, give you the support, guidance and direction you need. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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Work With Me

You’re on the way to your financial goals, but you just can’t get there. It’s like 5 steps forward only to take 2 steps back. You know this could all be better…. but how? What are you doing wrong? Don’t you wish someone could just tell you what do to?

I can. Here’s a secret… you are doing too much, but too much that is not aligned with your business goals. Too much of the little stuff. Too much hustling for the sake of hustling.

You’ve all the things in motion, but you are missing a cohesive strategy that pulls everything together. It’s not about more. In fact, it’s about less, much less. And more meaningful work that will actually make an impact on your business. Let me teach you how to spend your time so it’s actually working FOR your business and not draining you.

I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners just like you. It’s time to make the shift. Let’s not overhaul all you’ve done. You have worked your tail off to get where you are. And, I bet you did it all by yourself.

I’ll work with you to create a business & marketing strategy that will allow you to focus on your goals! Whether you are launching a new business or ready to take your business to the next level, I am here to partner with you and bring your vision to life. You keep dreaming big and I will teach you HOW to make it happen.

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"From the second I started working with Emily, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Emily's approach is holistic, loving, and innovative. She doesn't just look at the task at hand but rather the big picture that includes your dreams, goals, and desires. I was so impressed with the way that Emily brought me new ideas for my business that I would have never thought of. She really aimed to understand myself and my business in ways I haven't experienced before. She made marketing so digestible and was organized and flexible in the perfect ways. I look forward to continuing my work with Emily. She's the best of the best."

Danika B.
{Founder & CEO, Danika Brysha Inc.}

"I love that Emily talks to me like a trusted friend. She tells me exactly what I need to hear and has an action plan ready. She seems to know what I need before I do, and has been spot on every time we talk. Since I've started working with Emily, my sales and conversion rates have improved, increasing my recurring revenue each month. I am trying new strategies, feeling more confident and am excited to continue growing my business with her guidance."

Nicole P.
{Owner, The Dailey Method Arden Park}

"I have loved working with Emily! Right away she saw ways I was able to implement projects to increase my revenue and spared no time in making sure I saw those through to completion. I would have never been able to seamlessly execute an online streaming program without her assistance. It is something I have been wanting to do for years and I was up and going with content in less than 3 months! I also love the way she coaches me on how to be a better leader and overall manager of my business. It helps to give me clarity to put my energy towards the areas of the company matter most for long-term growth."

Katy R.
{CEO & Founder, Neighborhood Barre Fitness Franchising Co.}

"I have absolutely loved working with Emily over the past months. She has the ability to know what me and my business needs so clearly. Every time we meet a little more weight is taken off my shoulders. Her coaching is leading me to a place I wouldn't have gotten to on my own. She immediately increased my revenue by digging deep and pointing out all the areas where I wasn't charging for my time. She is helping me implement a structure in which I will not burn out and be able to enjoy this business I have created. My only wish is that every small business owner could benefit from having Emily on their side! I truly cannot imagine doing this without her!"

Amy B.
{CEO & Founder, Blair Design & Interiors}

"I have LOVED working with Emily! We are only taking a short hiatus during my maternity leave, but plan to work together again as soon as I am back! She helped me think more strategically about how I structure and organize my business to make it truly sustainable for the long run without burning myself out. Working with her has been invaluable and I can honestly say I wouldn't be setup for a stress free maternity leave without her!"

Hannah L.
{Founder & Owner, Hannah LaRose & Co.}

"I have worked with Emily in different capacities. We have worked together in the marketing division of a fitness franchise and then when I branched off from the franchise and opened up my own studio, I hired her right away! I am a visionary with so many ideas and sometimes lose focus. She is a great listener who is excellent at asking the right questions to get a better understanding of one's business and business objectives. She is not afraid to share her thoughts and most importantly, she is reliable and a doer. When I mentioned budget was an issue, she offered several options. And outside her tremendous experience, she is fun, positive, and her radiant energy is contagious. She is so passionate about marketing and it shines through her work!"

Stephanie F.
{Founder & Owner, FWRD Fitness}

"I am so thankful I brought Emily on as a consultant for my growing business. Emily stepped into a role that wasn't clearly defined and helped me figure out exactly what I needed and how she could help. Every time we meet (whether it's in person or on the phone), she brainstorms and works through whatever task is at hand. She always delivers on her promises and has elevated my brand to the next level. Emily brings new ideas to the table and always has her clients best interest at heart. Her overall ambition, drive and gentle demeanor make her a joy to work with and someone you want on your team. Her company "BE MINDFUL MARKETING" is perfectly fitting for her and what she brings to the table."

Nicole S.
{Founder & CEO, Eye For Pretty}

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